Piper Marie Halliwell is the second oldest Charmed One. She is also the mother of Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda Halliwell. She is wife of Leo Wyatt a mortal (former whitelighter).


Piper was born on August 7, 1973 to Patty Halliwell and Victor Bennett. She was born with the Wiccan power of Molecular Immobilization. On March 24th, 1975, she was visited by her future self who, along with the future selves of her sisters, tried to unbind the bond that her mother had made with the warlock Nicholas. Against her will, she had promised him the powers of her daughters and had granted him immunity from those powers by blessing his ring.

Sometime during November 1975, Piper and her older sister Prue Halliwell welcomed their little sister Phoebe Halliwell into the world. After her birth, their grandmother, Penny, bound their powers in order to keep them safe from Nicholas. To ensure their safety and a normal childhood, Penny erased all magic-related memories, causing them to forget about magic and their abilities.

In her teen years, Piper didn't quite know where she fit in; according to Prue she was like Jan Brady.[1][2] Piper also felt she was ordinary compared to her sisters, Prue and Phoebe. However, Grams reassured Piper that she was special, that she was kind and caring, and the best little helper Grams had.[3]

Piper eventually graduated from Baker High School in 1992 , but didn't yet have the courage to go away to school and stayed home throughout her college career. Eventually, she graduated and became an accountant at a bank even though it was her desire to become a chef.



Piper is somewhat strict with her parenting. She appears to be not as strict as Prue, yet not as lenient as Phoebe and Paige. She is known for the "look" she gives her kids when they are disrespecting her.

She believes that her kids should have a normal life, so she restricted the ammount of magic that was used when her kids were younger. She also didn't allow her kids to hunt demons until after they turned eighteen.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Basic Wiccan Abilities
    • Spell Casting: The ability to author and recite spells.
    • Potion Making: The ability to brew potions.
    • Scrying: The ability to magically locate other beings.
  • Active Powers
    • Molecular Immoblization: The ability to slow down the molecules in an object to the point where it ceases movement in time.
    • Molecular Combustion: The ability to speed up the molecules in an object to the point where it explodes.
    • Molecular Acceleration: The ability to speed up the molecules in an area to create heat.


  • Although Piper is the second oldest surviving female in the Warren line, she is seen as the matriarch of the family because of her maternal nature.
  • On numerous occasions, Piper has been compared to Molly Weasley, of the Harry Potter Series. They both are loving and caring mothers, who don't use their magic often. But when their children's lives are threatned, they both release incredible feats of magic to defeat whom ever is harming their children.