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Penelope Halliwell
Biographical Information
Born 2007
Title(s) Charmed One
Physical Information
  • Witch
  • Cupid
Gender Female
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Brown
Skin colour White
Familial Information
  • Phoebe Halliwell & Coop Valentino
  • Phaith & Ella Halliwell
Magical Characteristics
Active Power(s)
  • Pyrogenism
  • Empathy
  • Beaming
  • Charmspeaking
Other Power(s)
  • Spell Casting
  • Potion Making
  • Scrying
Magical possessions Book of Shadows
Occupation Waitress
Home Penelope's Apartment
  • Good
  • Halliwell Family

Penelope Johanna Halliwell II is the first born daughter of Phoebe Halliwell, a witch, and Coop Valentino, a cupid. Penelope is often refered to as the matchmaker of the family. She fully embraces both her wiccan and cupid lineage.


Early LifeEdit

Teen YearsEdit

Charmed LifeEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Basic Wiccan Abilities
    • Spell Casting: The ability to cast and recite spells.
    • Potion Making: The ability to brew potions.
    • Scrying: The ability to track a magical being using a crystal and map.
    • Channeling: The ability to channel another witche's power in order to cast powerful spells.
  • Active Powers
    • Pyrogenism: The ability to throw fire out of one's palm.
    • Empathy: The ability to sense other's emotions.
  • Cupid Abilities
    • Hearting: The ability to teleport from place to place.
    • Charmspeaking: The ability to verbally persuade others.


  • Penelope was named after Penelope Halliwell, the Charmed One's grandmother.
  • Penelope's past life was Phillipa Warren, a prophetic Warren witch who lived in the 19th Century.

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