Patience Halliwell
Biographical Information
Born December 8
Age 19
Title(s) Charmed Offspring
Physical Information
Species Witch
Gender Female
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Green
Skin colour White
Familial Information
  • Prue Halliwell & Andy Trudeau
  • Patricia & Victor Halliwell
Magical Characteristics
Active Power(s)
  • Premonition
  • Cryokinesis
Other Power(s)
  • Spell Casting
  • Potion Making
  • Scrying
  • Divination
Magical possessions Book of Shadows
  • Student
  • Assistant Photographer
Home Halliwell-Trudeau Manor
  • Good
  • Halliwell Family

Patience Margaret Halliwell is the second child of Prue Halliwell, a witch, and Andy Trudeau, a mortal. She is the middle child of the family, born between her siblings Patty and Victor. Like her aunt Piper, she often plays moderater between the two during sibling disputes. She is often compared to her aunt Paige. Her best friend is her cousin Ella.


Early LifeEdit

Patience was always a shy child. She liked to stay by her mother's side, and didn't like going to day care. Patience showed signs of premonitionary powers in the forms of prophetic dreams involving demons attacking innocents. Her aunt Phoebe helped her control the power.

Pre-teen YearsEdit

At the age of ten, Patience developed the power of cyroknesis. This power allows her to blow a cloud of ice out of her mouth that freezes anything it touches. While initially frightened of her new power, she later learned that it was useful to have an active power, especially when she had to protect herself from evil beings. With this new power, Patience became more outgoing and confident.

Teen YearsEdit


When Patience was younger, she was a quiet and shy child. She often didn't like to leave her mother's side. As she began to develop active powers, Patience broke out of her shell. As she entered middle school, Patience developed her own independence.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Basic Wiccan Abilities
    • Spell Casting: The ability to autor and recite spells. Due to her young age, Patience has almost never needed to write a vanquishing spell.
    • Potion Making: The ability to brew potions. Patiece seems extremely adept to successfully brewing upper level potions. She also seems to know how to make most of the potions in the Book of Shadows, as she was able to make several from memory alone.
    • Scrying: The ability to magically locate other beings using a crystal and map.
  • Active Powers
    • Premonition: The ability to see into the past, present, and future.
    • Cryokinesis: The ability to blow ice out of one's palm.



Patricia HalliwellEdit

Victor HalliwellEdit

Ella HalliwellEdit


  • Patience's past life is Prudence Warren, Melinda Warren's daughter.
  • Since she doesn't practice her powers as much as she should, Patience has much less control over her powers than her cousin Ella, who is only a month younger than her.
  • She had a Fairy named Ariel, who she named after The Little Mermaid. Like the fairytale, Ariel married a Prince of the Fariy Kingdom of Marian, and left Patience after she started Middle School. According to Patience, she checks up on Ariel every once in a while, and Ariel recently had a daughter, who is set to be the Queen of Marian when she gets older.
  • Patience's first kiss was Hayden Wesley, her date to the 6th Grade Winter Formal.


  • Her favorite book is Marlee and Me.
  • Her celebrity crush is Paul Walker.