Paige Halliwell
Biographical Information
  • August 2, 1977
  • Charmed One
Physical Information
Species Witch
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color White
Familial Information
  • Patty Halliwell & Samuel Wilder
  • Henry Mitchell
  • Henry Jr, Pandora, and Peyton Halliwell
Magical Characteristics
Active Powers
  • Telekintic Orbing
  • Force Field
  • Orbing
  • Healing
  • Sensing
  • Hovering
Basic Wiccan Powers
  • Spell Casting
  • Potion Making
  • Scrying
Magical Possessions
  • Book of Shadows
  • Spirit Board
  • Whitelighter
  • Social Worker
  • The Mitchell House
  • Good
  • The Halliwell Family

Paige Matthews is the youngest sister of the Charmed Ones. She is the wife of Henry Mitchell and the mother of their three children; Henry Junior, Pandora, and Peyton. Paige was adopted by Mark and Helen Matthews after she was left at a local church shortly after her birth. Paige met her half-sisters, Prue, Piper, and Phoebe, in 2001 after The Source of All Evil found out about her. It was around this time that she also met her biological mother Patty.

Paige is a powerful Witch-Whitelighter. Her powers include Telekinetic Orbing, and Shielding. Additionally, Paige also possesses the basic powers of a witch; the ability to cast spells, brew potions, and scry for lost objects or persons along with the typical Whitelighter powers. Furthermore, Paige can access The Power of Four, the collective power of the Charmed Ones.


Early LifeEdit

Paige was born on August 2, 1977 to Warren witch Patty Halliwell. Unlike the first three daughters Patty had with her mortal husband Victor Bennett, Paige was fathered by Patty's whitelighter, Sam Wilder. Patty initially wanted to keep the baby and raise her along with Prue, Piper and Phoebe, however, in those days, it was not only forbidden, but unthinkable for a witch and a whitelighter to be romantically involved. By this time, Patty and her mother, Penny, had known for at least two years that Patty's daughters were destined to become the Charmed Ones, witches destined to be bestowed with great power and the duty to protect the innocent. Penny feared that the Elders would deny the girls their birthright if they ever found out about Patty and Sam's affair. Patty and Sam decided to give the baby up for adoption.

The day Paige was born, Patty and Sam orbed to a local church and left her with a nun called Sister Agnes. They asked that she would find her a good home and Patty had only one request; that her name began with a "P".

Not long after, Patty was killed by the Water Demon. This gave her a chance to look over Paige for the first time. Patty noticed that her wishes were granted, Paige was being raised in a good home by the Matthews.

Paige was given a normal life by her adopted parents. At one point in her life, she met Philip Lewicky who gave her a bracelet and became Paige's first love. In her eighth grade graduation, Paige was supposed to sing the school song in front of eight hundred people, when the time arrived, Paige froze, ran out and missed her own graduation, it turned out to be the worst day of her life all her friends laughed at her and a guy named Bobby Maynard dumped her. But when Paige came into her teens, she started to hang out with the wrong friends and began drinking, smoking, skipping classes, and disobeying her parents.

The Death of Mark and Helen MatthewsEdit

"Paige's parents died in a car wreck. About eight years ago when she was in high school. She never really dealt with it. "
Leo explains to the sisters about Paige's past.[src]

Around the age of seventeen, Paige's adoptive parents, Mark and Helen Matthews, were killed in a terrible car accident. From what she could remember, they didn't see the car that swerved into their lane. Paige survives, suddenly waking up on the pavement seeing the car totaled and on fire. It would be revealed to Paige after she became a witch that she had subconsciously orbed out of the car. After the death of her parents, Paige changed her attitude drastically; she stopped smoking and drinking, and also started to study harder. She was accepted to UC Berkeley for good grades and a well written essay on the death of her parents. She later graduated with a degree in social work.