Lucas Scott
Biographical Information
Born 2009
Physical Information
  • Witch
  • Demon
  • Male
Hair colour
  • Brown
Eye colour
  • Brown
Skin colour
  • White
Magical Characteristics
  • Telekinesis
  • Energy Balls
  • Fading

Lucas Scott is the boyfriend, and future husband of Melinda Halliwell.

Early LifeEdit

Lucas grew up in a single parent household with his father, as his mother had abandoned him shortly after his birth. Lucas' father was a witch, while his mother was a demon, trying to create a powerful spawn to carry on her legacy. She had tried to kill Lucas' father multiple times, before finally leaving the baby with him, and went on to be vanquished by a demon trying to organize the underworld. Lucas had his powers since he was a child, often using them for fun, which his father had a hard time controlling. He did have a relatively normal childhood, though, playing basketball for a league at the Y.M.C.A and going to public school.

Story LifeEdit

Lucas is in a romantic relationship with Melinda Halliwell. The two were introduced by Melinda's cousin Hayley at her 19th birthday party. The pair soon developed feelings for one another, and they began to regularly go out on dates. Lucas had a tough time trying to prove himself to Wyatt and Chris, Melinda's brothers. He still hasn't gained their full trust, since they still don't approve of his demonic half. Although, he is very close with Henry Jr. and most of the rest of the family.


In an accidental time travel accident, Lucas' daughter Aria comes back from the future along with her cousins. It is revealed that Lucas and Melinda get married, and Lucas owns a sports center for kids.


  • Melinda's relationship with Lucas is very similar to her aunt Phoebe's relationship with her then-boyfriend/husband Cole.