Halliwell-Trudeau Residence
Location Information
Year of Construction
  • 1879 originally
  • 1906 rebuilt after Earthquake
Style Queen Anne
Address 2004-2010 Gough Street

Pacific Heights San Francisco, California United States of America

  • The Halliwell-Trudeau Family
Notable Rooms
  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
Notable Happenings
Notable Happenings:
  • Multiple Demon Vanquishes
  • Birthday Parties

The Haliwell-Trudeau Residence is the home of Prue, Patience, and Parker Halliwell, aswell as Andy Trudeau. Patricia Halliwell previously lived here before she moved into her apartment with Penny. The victorian house is located at 2004-2010 Gough Street, Pacific Heights, San Francisco, California. Andy and Prue moved into this home after the birth of their third child, Parker.


Living RoomEdit

The living room is located on the first floor of the house, directly across from the front door. The living room is decorated with couches, a chair, aswell as a fireplace. At the rear of the room there are paned glass french doors, which multiple people have been blasted out of by demonic forces.


The kitchen is also located on the first floor. This room isn't used ofted due to the fact no one in the Halliwell-Trudeau family cooks. This is often where most of the potions are made.

Downstairs BathroomEdit

The downstairs bathroom is located on the first floor. This room is painted white, with wooden moldings.

Master BedroomEdit

The master bedroom is on the second floor. Although not the largest, it is the only bedroom with a private bathroom and a walk-in closet.

Patience's BedroomEdit

Patience's bedroom is on the second floor, located in the north east corner of the house. This bedroom features a rounded windowsill that Patience often uses to look out on and paint or draw.

Parker's BedroomEdit

Parker's bedroom is on the second floor, located on the west side of the house. This bedroom was previously Patricia's, but after she moved out, Parker moved into it due to it being bigger. The bedroom has the main room, and a secondary alcove connected by french doors. The room is covered wall to wall with posters, and is often in dissaray.

Guest RoomEdit

The guest room is located on the north side of the house, positioned inbetween Parker's and Patience's rooms. This room used to belong to Parker before he acquired Patricia's old room.


The attic is used as a place for the kids to hang out. It has a pool table and a tv. There is a cabinent on one of the walls that holds some of their magical objects and ingredients.


The basement is where Prue and Andy often have parties or hang out with Prue's sisters and their husbands.